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We are committed to offering you the best online rate at our hotel in Port d'Alcudia.


Get the best prices by booking through Hotel Condesa's official website

At Hotel Condesa we want you to feel safe and relaxed about your holiday right from the moment you book your stay. That's why we guarantee the best online price when you book through our website.

We know how hard it is to get the best rate online, so we're making it easy for you. Book any room and rest assured that the final amount you pay for your booking is the best price in the market.

Have you seen a cheaper rate on another website?

Our best-price guarantee only applies if you find a cheaper fare on another website within 24 hours of your booking being confirmed, and at least 72 hours before your arrival date. So that we can check the rate found on the other website we'll need you to send us the link, and if the offer is no longer available online, we'll need you to send us the following information:

  • A screenshot clearly showing all the details of the offer.
  • The reference number for your booking.


Best-Price Guarantee Terms



  • The price of the other booking or the price you've found on the other website must be for the same type of room and based on the same type of accommodation package..
  • The other booking must have the same arrival and departure dates, as well as the same number of occupants and age range.
  • The other booking needs to offer the same terms as regards cancellation and payment policies.


Under what circumstances does the guarantee not apply?

Our best-rate guarantee does not apply in the following situations:


  • Special offers based on membership or loyalty programmes.
  • Bookings or claims sent within 72 hours of your arrival date.
  • Opaque websites, auction websites, or special programmes on websites where the name of the hotel is not known until the booking is confirmed.
  • Websites that offer combined packages together with other services, such as transfers, flights, car rentals, excursions...
  • Subscription websites or sites that require logging in prior to seeing the details of the offer.
  • Any package that includes any type of fees, service or maintenance charges, coupon or additional services that do not relate to those of the original offer.




  • In the case of reduced rates, negotiated or agreed by Hotel Condesa with a third party, where this is not public. This includes (but is not limited to) corporate rates, group rates, rates agreed with conference and event organisers, as well as offers for Hotel Condesa employees.
  • Currency fluctuations, in which case we will convert the lowest rate relating to the currency that would apply when making the booking through our website, and will determine the exchange rate at the time when the original booking was made. If there is a difference of 3% or less between the referred rate and ours, we will be unable to apply our rate guarantee. Currency fluctuations are beyond our control.
  • Fees, taxes, tips and occasional charges. Our best-rate commitment only applies to the room rate for the duration of your booking; under no circumstances does it apply to rates or taxes levied by the government or regulatory authorities. Tips, additional charges for your stay, food and beverage charges, and any other extra charges (including credit card transaction charges) that the guest may incur during their stay are also excluded when comparing our rate to any other.



How should you send us a request to apply the guarantee?

You need to send your request using the contact form on this page, or by email, within 24 hours of your booking being confirmed. So that we can check the validity of your claim, the low rate you send us must be available for booking at the time you make your claim

If your claim is approved, our booking centre will send you an email confirming all details, including the new rate applicable to your booking.

Hotel Condesa reserves the right to change or suspend the guarantee if it is unable to verify the details of the rate included in the request.